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About Us

Why we do what we do

We all come to work every morning, wanting to solve one common problem, which is finding an healthy alternative to home ordered meals. Healthy takes you to tasteless mushy vegetables, concoctions that no one wants to touch, let alone taste. The list can go on and on and on. But why should it?

That's where the idea of TBH was born.

We don't think health is boring. It should never be that. It should be fun and yummy and full of choices to change your day around. Our product specialists focus on taste and genuine health benefits. We source the best produce and honor the integrity of quality ingredients and seasonal produce. 

Why should you go out and waste your time in traffic when yummy nourishment can walk up to your doorstep. At TBH, we work with nutritionists to develop a wholesome offering with one goal in mind, to deliver delicious, premium and nutritious Food and Beverage products to everyone.

At TBH, we aim to deliver quality on time, each time. 

The Team

Mayank Gupta has worked extensively in renewable energy and has 4 years of consulting experience. An alumni of IIM Lucknow and Delhi College of Engineering, he co-founded TBH and handles the overall operations. A lot of our bottlenecks are dealt with by his application of experiential knowledge. Being an IIM graduate in Finance, he deals with the complicated tax laws of our country and hopefully will keep us Scot Free. 

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Ritika Agrawal has a degree in Business from Delhi University and an MBA from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. After slaving in various large corporations for almost 9 years, she now wears many hats and manages the Marketing, Social Media, Business Development and Sales. Her enthusiasm and relentlessness to get every lead closed and every process down perfect, keeps the team and the office on their toes. She helps in making sure we don't take ourselves too seriously and continue being the young enterprise we are. 

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 Anuj Ghanghoria  is a pass out from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad who has taken up the path of an entrepreneur. Soon after graduation, he started up a food delivery startup in Bangalore which exposed him to the plethora of operational and management challenges shaping him into a problem solver. He works hard to keep the engines running at TBH and deals with any operational bottlenecks. 

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Jia Singh has studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and continues to take on courses in food psychology, fitness and nutrition. She is a Delhi based nutritional and wellness consultant, who has a passion for travel, writing and good food. She advises the nutritional recipes for the formation of our products. She is also available to answer any questions our customers might have with respect to their health or even the possible benefits of our products. Jia has a interesting blog where she writes and tries to explain how wellness isn’t just about having a fit body, 6 pack abs or fitting in. It’s more about feeling well, feeling healthy, waking up fresh and accepting your body for what it really is despite your love handles, cellulite and fine lines and who you really are. You can check her blog out at - .