What is Vaccum Frying of Vegetables?
Vaccum Frying of Vegetables is a relatively new process. Rather than deep frying the vegetables in oil, vaccum frying is carried out at pressures well below the atmospheric level. Vaccum-fried products have higher retention of nutritional quality, color is enhanced, and oil degradation is reduced. Our Vaccum fried products are prepared using fresh ingredients that are peeled and cut into small pieces. The entire range is rich in taste, crispy and very low on fat.


      What are the key benefits?

The key Benefits are:-
1.Low on fat
2.Retains all nutrients
4.Low oil fat content
5.Reduced oil degradation
6.Color, flavor, texture remains.
                 When can I order and when will they deliver to me?
You can place an order on our website or you can call on numbers that we have provided on the home page. We will deliver within 2-5 days span.
We deliver PAN India.


    Return Policy:-
Under an instance where you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase or there is an established quality issue pertaining to the product, we are here to help. In order to make a return/exchange, the following process can be initiated -
  1. Give us a call within 24 hours of delivery of product on our customer care number 8882300200 or drop an email to, info@tobehealthy.me
  2. Exchange of Non-Perishable items will only be accepted if returned in the same condition as supplied.
Please Note: All returns are at the sole discretion of To Be Healthy Foods Pvt Ltd and upon the verification and confirmation done by its employees and management.


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