3 Day Cleanse

Just like you, sometimes your body needs a break. It needs a way of clearing the toxic clutter from the inside.
That’s where the TBH Cleanse comes to your rescue.

The 3 Day Cleanse is perfect for those who want to give their body the proper detox it deserves
3 days of only juices gives your body a flood of micro nutrients and yummy fresh goodness. 

We have 6 juices per day:

1. Apple Ginger Ale
2. Vedic Twist
3. Citrus Punch
4. Re-Boot
5. Beet Box
6. Mr Green

Please call us at 8882300200 to know more. 

These will be delivered in two batches. First batch will have 12 Juices for the first two days. Another 6 juices for the third day will arrive on the second day of the cleanse. This is done to serve you a fresh product.

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