Liver Detox

The liver is our largest organ but not many people know that in its function as the detoxifying centre of our body. 

The liver regulates the protein, fat and sugar we eat and metabolises them. Taking care of the Liver is essential, as 

you run the risk of getting diseases like fatty liver, liver fibrosis, cyrosis of the liver or even liver tumors. 

Over and above this the liver has to contend with factors like excess weight, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption. 

A Liver Detox is essential at-least one day a week. After an indulgent weekend, for you, not your liver, do something for this hard working part of your body. 

We will deliver a detox pack home or to your office and you can sit back and enjoy our healthy and tasty juices the whole day without straining your liver.

The Liver Detox Includes:

1. BeetBox - (The Beet, Apple and Carrot are essential ingredients with nutrients that will bring some noticeable change on your mood and energy levels and also improve your livers function and by association your appearance, general immunity and overall health.

2. Citrus Punch - (Citrus Fruits are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants which support the natural cleansing abilities of the liver)

3. Mr Green - (Green Leafy Vegetables packed with chlorophyl to purify the blood which assists in Liver Function and help neutralize heavy metals, toxic chemicals and even pesticides that burden the Liver. 

4. Re-boot - (Celery and Pomegranate nourishes and aids in rebuilding of the liver.)

Also consume one clove of Garlic in the morning or incorporate it in your diet, as Garlic has Selennium and Magnesium , the top nutrients for liver detoxification.