The Chia Pudding Monthly Subscription

This superfood Chia pudding aids in digestion, boosts immunity, gets rid of toxins, is great for stamina and aids hair, nail and skin health.
Its also yummy so you don't miss out on the nutrition
100% Vegan. Raw and Natural. No preservatives/ additives.
Pledge for this smart ready to eat meal. 

You can choose from 4/8/16 chia puddings a month. The toppings will be a mix of our two flavours - Banana-r and Mixed Berry.
Deliveries will take place once a week for the 4 chia pudding option and twice a week for the 8/16 chia pudding option.

Please call us at 8882300200 for any additional information, any changes to the pledge or to let us know your flavour preferences.

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